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Pluto Trendsetters Ventures is here to serve you. We can assist you when you're setting up a new business or help you replace or upgrade your existing advertising activities and take it to the next level.


Our production and installation team follow strict specifications as per the client’s requirements delivering safe, quality and well-deserved service.


We listen to your ideal vision and we implement. We advise on the best possible way to utilize the location and ensure the practical success of the goal. Whatever your budget or requirement, our tailored services will give guaranteed satisfaction. In addition to this, we are able to give live demonstrations of all products where we are able to showcase appropriate features and benefits.


We guarantee constant exposure of your message 24hrs with an aim to keep our products maintained to give you quality service with freedom from your worries.


We want our products to be the art of the advertising industry. We aim to give our clientele their ideal design layout to motivate exquisite creation. We are highly qualified in creating a layout plan that is right for you and your campaign. From start to finish, we will assist you in developing your business.

  • Project Analysis¬†
  • Design Development
  • Space Evaluation¬†
  • Utility Requirements/Specifications
  • Cost Estimates
  • Timeline/Final Inspection
  • Review and Evaluations